Here are some examples of technology roadmaps. These are illustrative and need to be viewed through our lenses of the moral compass. If you are not famililar with Roadmaps read this introduction.

Imagine the Tree Fruit Industry of the future, competing in a world of globalized trade and technology. Markets will be increasingly consumer-driven and quality-oriented, production increasingly distributed worldwide. To be economically viable, the U.S. tree fruit industry must embrace this challenge. Those best prepared to compete in the future will be those who help define it. We must have a proactive strategy to deal with globalization of production, trade, and markets. We need a roadmap to the future.
Department of Energy has now embarced Solar Power Generating stations with Trough Technology
Trough are made of metal parabolic reflectors and direct steam generation (not glass and photovoltaic cells). Experiments in California have shown that cost of this technology can be brought down with focussed research and experimentation.
NASA BioAstronautics Roadmap
Human health and behavioral issues are being looked prior to manned space travel to the moon and Mars. The roadmap is quite incomplete, but serves to see what a roadmap looks like while it is being developed.
Semiconductor industry roadmap
LinkBrief LinkFull
Havin been at Intel, my exposure to the roadmap of the semiconductor industry inspires me in suggesting roadmapping as a key TIP resource. The LinkBrief gives you a quick overview. LinkFull is very detailed and recommended if you follow some of the technical terminology. The process used by ITRS and Sematech is very collaborative and shows open governance method with no company using its muscle power.